Research at the WJHHS Archive may be conducted by appointment or through correspondence with the Society archivists. The Society's archive collection includes newspaper articles, files, books, photographs, documents, and artifacts on a variety of local history topics. Information on early settlers, organizations and businesses, churches, military veterans, schools, and the neighborhoods of the area may be found there. The archive also houses genealogies of local families, biographies of local veterans, vintage photographs of early settlers, community residents, and historical buildings /sites of the area. In addition, the WJHHS Archive collects and stores historical accounts of the area and nearby municipalities as well as general histories of Pittsburgh, Western Pennsylvania, and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

At present, volunteers are in the process of inventorying, indexing, and organizing the archive collections. When this work is completed, an index will be made available on this website.

Contact one of the archivists with questions or to set up an appointment to view the Society's collection at